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During a cold winter night at home in Copenhagen, a private detective deconstructs himself as a character through the arguments of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in order to find meaning in his own existence. That night, during his former fiancé’s wedding, Hamse Leth succumbs to his own scrutiny amidst a mid-life crisis. Meanwhile the other five characters (his partner, his Jewish mother, his ex-fiancé, a fake whore and a real prostitute) confront him with his innate uneasiness toward the Jante Law culture. As the night goes on, the characters inhabit both Hamse’s mental and physical world, which makes it increasingly difficult for the protagonist to separate the being from the seaming. However, by investigating the other characters’ flaws and contradictions, Hamse, the baffling and long-seen outsider surprisingly reaches the clue to understanding his role in the Danish society of sameness.

Thomas Bang
Rebecca Ferguson
Michael Kastrupsen
Camilla Gottlieb
Biljana Stojkoska

Directed and written by André Costa
Cinematography by Guga Millet
Produced by Sara Leth