The Shadows of the Past

30-year-old Elvira has a crisis in her band. They need to find a new violinist before their first concert. Suddenly Elvira and her boyfriend Kristian find themselves in the shadows of the past. Slowly peace transforms itself into a persistent nightmare. A glimpse of a tormenting secret from childhood confronts Elvira with anxiety, denial, and unfairness. An old betrayal forces her to carry her dead sister by her side. From childhood to adulthood, she is faced with the inevitable complexity of her controversial action. What action can be so despicable that it makes ones psyche unravel.

Directed by Helena Fagerlin Widenborg
Written by Jonas Wagner and Helena Fagerlin Widenborg
Cinematography by Sophie Caroline Gohr
Produced by Mette Matthiessen

Cast: Biljana Stojkoska, Anna Brynald, Livandrea Banner, Katrine Køhler, Lasse Voss, Henning Valin and others

Original title: “Fortidens skygger”

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Photos by Sophie Caroline Gohr