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Lulu & Leon
Lulu & Leon - DR/TV3
Lulu & Leon - DR/TV3
Lulu & Leon - DR/TV3

Lulu, the 34 year old main character of the series, is a charming and independent mother of two with her own hairdressing salon in the Copenhagen suburb, Greve.  She lives with Leon, the habitual criminal and charismatic father to her son who she has been seeing for 10 years.  When Leon is thrown in jail in the first episode, Lulu is forced to deal with an underworld she knows to exist but has no experience with.

Biljana Stojkoska appears as Sveta in episode 5:

Lulu picks up two Serbian girls at the harbor and takes them to a shabby brothel in order to help Leon in prison. But Lulu is horrified by the condition of the girls and with the help of Leon’s friend Johnny, she gets the girls out of the brothel. The scene from episode 5 shows one of the girls – Sveta – who is temporarily hiding in Lulu’s and Leon’s basement – talking to Lulu’s daughter.

Director: Natasha Arthy
Cinematography: Aske Foss
Script: Jens Dahl

Cast: Lene Maria Christensen, Lars Brygmann, Lars Kaalund, Biljana Stojkoska and Marijana Jankovic

Network: DR and TV3
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